A Man Called Ove (Post-Book Thoughts)

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Having read this book this past week, I thought I’d share some thoughts.

Before that, a very brief overview of what the book is about:

A man called Ove (‘ooh-veh’) is a grumpy old man that seems to have a very cynical outlook on life, but we soon discover why he turned out to be the way he is, and also his inner strength, kindness, selflessness and principled-nature. The story follows events in his life, most significantly the arrival of his new neighbours, and has some flashbacks that provide some background to his upbringing and how he got to this point.

Although the book was pretty popular a few years back (and as I’ve discovered, has a movie based on it), I’ve never knew of its existence until I found it in a second-hand bookshop, read the blurb, and for some reason was assured that it wouldn’t disappoint, hence decided to buy it. I guess good books exude some sort of aura.

As with books you buy but are in no hurry to read, A Man Called Ove stood sitting on my shelf for about 2 weeks before I decided it’s time to open it.

I didn’t binge it in a day, but finished it over the course of 2–3 days. At some point I’ll think ‘this is enough for today’ (probably due to the slow pace) and put it down, but I’ll pick it back up again the next day. All in all, the story was very touching.

Surprisingly (or not), I actually like Ove. And I definitely will be looking at people who behave like Ove through a different lens now. You never know if they might secretly have a soft spot for tiny injured cats.

This book was heavier than I expected it to be (which is neither good nor bad), so it’s good to put it down and take a break. Emotions run deep, just as Ove is more than meets the eye.

Anger often acts as a mask to hide something else.

If you haven’t read a good fiction book in a long time, this might be the refresher you need. Solid, predictable in the way Ove is, but still manages to deliver a punch to the gut. It deals with death, grief, and companionship in a way that is almost comforting and undeniably moving.

P.S: I watched the movie after reading the book and personally, book > movie for this one!

Thank you for reading. Please clap 👏 for this story to let me know if it was valuable to you. Have a great week!



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